Car Details

The 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air hardtop is already an icon, but this restomod is absolutely unforgettable. It's an amazing two-tone presentation with under 100 miles on the total build. And it has the best features like a cold-blowing A/C interior, overdrive transmission, four-wheel disc brakes, and a modern fuel-injected V8. The orange and ivory two-tone have the right 1950s vibe, but this presentation makes sure it announces it's something extra special. The modern application is a deep and shiny finish that just loves the sunlight. They also took the time to get this bodywork correct before even the first drop of paint was laid down. That means an overall look of quality with the straightness of the panels, the uniform look of the gaps, and doors that close solid. All the brightwork looks like it has been expertly maintained to make sure that the bumpers shine like mirrors. And the iconic trim reminds us this is a jet-age classic. But more than just pure vintage charm, the wide exhaust tips and 18-inch polished Foose alloys signal that this coupe is a true modern cruiser. The interior is a thoughtful package that appears quite vintage while doing a great job subtly integrating worthwhile upgrades. For example, you have two rows of classic-style bench seats that have terrific two-tone and detailed tuck and roll inserts. It's pure 1950s style but with a far fresher feeling. And there's a terrific classic style everywhere from the working dome light to the detailed rubber floor mats protecting the plush carpeting. But while the first impression is fresh from 1955, the full investment proves this is a thoughtful cruiser. The steering wheel looks vintage, but it's a smaller diameter unit now on a tilt column. The classic fan-style speedo now houses a full readout package that has a nice red glow to coordinate with the interior. The radio looks like a classic-style knob unit, but it's a modern stereo that connects to upgraded speakers. And the well-integrated R134a air conditioning blows nice and cold so that you can roll down all the windows on this pillarless hardtop and make sure the breezes stay cool. You're going to love lifting the hood at car shows. After all, the color-matched presentation of the engine bay puts the modern V8 power on full display. The 5.3-liter Vortec motor shares its history with the performance LS line and has a hardy construction. So it makes for an ideal powerhouse for a stout cruising classic. It's built with good supporting components, too, like an aluminum radiator with electric fan and the battery moved to the trunk for better weight distribution. The four-speed transmission is great for smooth shifting and overdrive comfort. As you look underneath, you discover how fresh the build is over every inch. It not only looks great, but also the fresh components and bushings give you the confidence to really enjoy this one. Add in power steering and four-wheel power disc brakes with drilled and slotted rotors, and this is the classic that drives as good as it looks. This restomod has a great classic look with great powerful upgrades. It makes for a total package that you'll want to both show and drive. Call today!!!

  • Body Types hardtop
  • Fuels Gasoline
  • Transmission 4 Speed Automatic
  • Exterior Colour Orange
  • Exterior Colour Orange/White
  • Number of Doors 2
  • Interior Colour Red
  • Interior Colour Red & Ivory
  • VIN CODE C55T099490