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1967 Maserati Mistral 4000
£84,548.46 ($110,000.00)(€97,777.76)
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Maserati has always been known for producing striking GT cars with fantastic power plants and when the Mistral was introduced in 1963 it was yet another notch in the Italian car makers belt. Named after the strong blowing winds from the Mediterranean coast in the south of France, the aluminum Frua bodied Mistral is often considered one of Maserati’s most beautiful GT cars. Initially powered by a 3.5 liter “Casa del Tridente” twin spark, double overhead cam straight six engine, the displacement would grow twice more throughout the Mistrals lifetime to the final most powerful and desirable 4.0-liter version which produced 255 bhp at 5200. The car was offered in both a spyder and coupe version through its 7-year production run. Other than the addition of larger power plants, and the offering of a steel body after 1967, the Mistral remained largely unchanged until its production ended in 1970. Throughout the 7-year production run, approximately 800 cars were built.

This particular Maserati Mistral coupe is a number, chassis number AM109/AI*1476* and engine number AM109/A1*1476* is a 1967 model year fitted with the highly desirable 4.0-liter twin spark, double overhead cam straight six engine. According to the included Certificate of Authenticity, the car was manufactured in October of 1967 and was finished in the same “Rosso Cordoba” (Dark Red, Salchi code 106R7) over Black Connoly leather (code PAC. 1560) that it currently wears today. This particular car was ordered new by Foreign Car City Inc. of West Nyack, New York and invoiced on October 23, 1967. At the time of ordering it was fitted with factory-optioned power windows and a radio antenna. Not much is known about the cars early history but it was recently purchased out of long-term storage in Michigan, where it was last titled in 2009. The car is complete including the original Lucas fuel-injection system, airbox and correct date-coded knock-off style Borrani wire wheels. The car is said to have had one older repaint and the interior is believed to be largely original. The odometer currently shows 19,302 miles but the true mileage is unknown. This car would be deemed a project as it does not currently run but the engine does turn freely by hand.

Included in the sale of the car are numerous spare parts, a spare wheel, and the certificate of authenticity.

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Body And Paint
The car is said to have had one older respray and looks to have been largely untouched since. The “Rosso Cordoba” paint is cracked and peeling in numerous places especially in high wear areas such as around the fender lines and areas where the body meets trim pieces. There is some bubbling under the paint in these areas as well, especially along the fender lines. The paint could be left as is in a “scruffy driver” condition but most would probably see it as needing to be repainted. The alloy nature of the body means that it has largely escaped degradation and is generally straight and smooth. There is a cracked section of the body over the passenger side headlight. Body gaps remain fairly standard throughout, the hood gaps are a bit off but appear that they could be corrected with a little adjustment. The passenger side marker lite is missing but the hole is there and could easily be replaced.

Glass And Trim
The glass in the car is all in good condition with only some minor scratching on the rear window. All panels contain the correct Securit branding on them, leading us to believe that they are original to the car. The chrome trim is in serviceable condition, showing good shine but minor pitting throughout, congruent with the long-term storage nature of the vehicle. Rubber trim pieces likewise are in serviceable condition with no major cracking or degradation but would likely need to be replaced if restoring the car.

According to the Certificate of Authenticity provided by Maserati, the car was delivered with 15x6.5 Borrani wire wheels which still remain on the car. All four wheels are dated coded and show either May 1967 or June 1967. While all complete the wheels will need to be refinished as the lips have become dull and the chrome finish to the spokes has become oxidized.

Notable Flaws
The car is considered in a project state and as such has numerous areas that will need attention. The paint is chipping, cracking and bubbling in numerous spots. There is a crack in the body above the passenger side headlight. The passenger side marker light is missing.

Seats And Surfaces
Despite the long-term storage nature of the vehicle, the interior remains in good original condition. In our opinion the best route for this car would be to leave the interior in original condition with a hearty cleaning. The door cards are in good condition but the edges are pulling away from the doors. The seats show excellent patina but have no real ripping or tears to note and would clean up nicely. The back seats show minimal usage but could stand a good cleaning. The carpets are aged and faded with wear throughout especially in the drivers footwell. The dash is smooth and clean with good color to the leather and no pulling or tears at the seams. The wood-rimmed steering wheel is great condition, with no cracking or delaminating present. The metal spokes are a bit dull but in likewise good condition. The center horn button has some fading paint but is in serviceable condition. The faces of the gauges remain bright and easily readable but will the glass will require a good cleaning. There is some flaking of the textured paint on the gauge surround area. The chrome around the switch gear and the radio shows some age with pitting and swirling from an attempt to clean it with steel wool. The center console area is in good original condition with excellent patina but no tearing or cracking. The headliner is stained and dirty but tight still and would more than likely clean up nicely.

Functionality And Accessories
The functionality of the interior components remains untested due to the non-driving nature of the car. However, everything appears to be in place and moving properly. The shifter easily moves through the gear selection, the parking brake works although the braking force is not adequate. The switch and toggle on the dash area are all present and move freely through their range of motion.

Notable Flaws
Other than any issues noted above the interior remains in good original condition. The most notable flaws are the degrading condition of the carpets and the pitted and scuffed chrome surrounding the instrumentation on the dash.

Engine Bay
It should be noted that the car is currently not running but the engine turns by hand. The engine bay displays much like the rest of the car with clear signs of originality but also the tolls of time. Certain components such as reservoir bottles display oxidation, some of the painted surfaces show peeling and cracking, especially the underside of the hood. Most of the metal pieces such as valve covers and air intake box are in serviceable condition but will need a good cleaning. Most of the rubber components show much age and degradation and will need to be replaced. Correct stamping and data tags are in place.

Trunk Area
The trunk retains all of its carpeting although it shows sign of age in the form of fading. The leather covering the side sills is in good condition with no tears or scratches but could use a good cleaning. Lifting the floor of the trunk area reveals the spare Borrani wheel in place. The spare wheel well is dirty and shows minor surface oxidation but appears structurally sound.

The underside of the car displays as one would expect from a solid project car. There is overspray apparent on the front of the car, covering some of the structural components as well as some of the suspension pieces. Oxidation covers much of the exposed suspension pieces. Floorboards and structural make-up of the car appear solid and show no signs of structural issues. There is some overspray apparent in the wheel wells but they appear to be structurally sound and relatively straight. Much of the underside suspension and drivetrain will need to be sorted when doing the mechanicals.

Notable Flaws
Other than the issues noted above it should be remembered that the car sat for a good period of time and has the standard issues that arise from time spent in storage.

The car currently does not run but the engine is said to turn freely by hand. It appears that all important components to get the car running are present including the hard to find Lucas Fuel injection and the airbox for the engine. The mechanical prowess of the car is unclear but one should enter assuming that the engine will need a complete overhaul.

The car does not currently run but rolls freely in neutral. The shifter moves easily in between gears and the entirety of the transmission and driveline appears to be in place. It is unclear as to the drivability of the gearbox but one should go into the situation assuming it will need to be rebuilt.

Brakes And Suspension
Both of these components remain in untested state due to non-driving nature of the vehicle however the handbrake does function slightly. Both the braking system and suspension system will need a complete overhaul.

The car currently wears Pirelli Cinturato tires on all four corners. They do currently hold air but will need to replaced before driving on them due to age and structural cracking in the sidewalls.

The car currently does not drive. However, this vehicle remains the perfect basis for either a complete restoration or a full mechanical restoration to scruffy driver specs. In our opinion the interior should cleaned up and pieces that are found not functional should be replaced but the character and patina that currently reside throughout the interior should be preserved if possible.

  • Transmissions Manual
  • Colour Exterior Red
  • Engine Size 4.0
  • Interior Colours Black
  • Drive LHD