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1967 Lamborghini 400 GT 2+2
£382,184.19 ($495,000.00)(€439,569.92)
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The storied birth of Lamborghini Automobiles and Ferruccio’s metaphorical middle finger to the Ferrari establishment is the stuff of legends and that raucous go getter attitude can still be seen in the brand today. What many people forget about this story however, is the actual car that came out of this fabled interaction, the 350 GT. Borrowing many design cues from fellow Italian automakers of the time, the 350 GT featured a fantastic V-12 engine wrapped in stunning Touring coachwork and was truly a fantastic first offering from a company better known for agricultural equipment at the time. A total of 120 350 GTs were built before the new and slightly revamped 400 GT was put into production.

When the 400 GT was first introduced, it was at first, essentially the older 350 GT with an enlarged 4.0 Liter V-12 engine. Only 23 of these models were built and these are now commonly referred to as “Interim” models. The true 400 GT, as most people know it was introduced at the 1966 Geneva Auto Show and was called the 400 GT 2+2. Built on the same chassis as both the 350 and the 400, the new 400 GT 2+2 featured a 320 horsepower 4.0 liter V-12 wrapped in similarly styled body work by Touring but almost all of the body had been reworked. The floorpan was lowered and the roof was raised, allowing for more interior room and creating a more airy and spacious cabin. The most iconic change however was the addition of the quad style headlamps, a now distinctive mark of the 400 GT 2+2. In total, only 247 Lamborghini 400 GTs were produced between 1966 and 1968, including the 23 “interim” cars, which can be considered a respectable number for a still relatively new auto manufacturer at the time. The 400 GT would go on to be replaced by the entirely new Islero in late 1968.

The 1967 Lamborghini 400 GT 2+2 on offer here, chassis number 01054 and engine number 1037, is a numbers matching example and is a well preserved car showing just 31,459 miles from new. The car was maintained under single-family ownership for a remarkable 48 years. As it currently sits it appears as mostly original paint and interior and features fantastic patina throughout the entirety of the car. From the provided service records we know that the car spent a good portion of its early life in California and it still wears its California black plates. Going all the way back to 1975, records show the car living and being maintained in California. At some point in the late 1970’s or early 1980’s it is believed that the clutch gave out in the car at which time it was parked and placed in storage. Included with the service documents is the California registration slip from 1989, the last time the vehicle was actively registered. Sometime in the early 1990’s the car made its way to New Jersey where it was stored carefully covered indoors. A number of the more easily damaged parts were removed from the car and placed carefully in the trunk, such as bumpers, mirror, some trim pieces etc. More recently the car was purchased from the now deceased owners family at which time the car was cleaned, reassembled, and the engine found to be turning freely but the car was left in essentially as found condition. Currently the car remains highly original with mostly original paint and very original interior. There is fantastic patina throughout the vehicle and it appears that the car is entirely complete, including the spare Borrani wire wheel stashed neatly in the trunk. The car could very easily be brought up to running and driving standards with a thorough mechanical sorting. Once sorted, this car is sure to be hit in the preservation class at any major Concours event as well as being a fantastic vehicle to drive and enjoy without the fear of damaging a restored example.

Included with the sale of the car are the spare Borrani wire wheel, jack, and available service records.

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Body And Paint
The exterior of the car would be considered scruffy but highly original. Smatterings of Patina can be found throughout the vehicle over top of the mostly original paint that still covers the sheet metal. The car still shows extremely well however with good consistent, albeit aged, paint throughout. There are small chips in the front area and the underside of the nose of the car has taken a few good scrapes, exposing bare metal. There are a few run marks where it appears something had been dripped on the car that have left traces in the paint on on the driver side front fender and one……..The rear half of the car, especially on the deck lid has etching in the paint and like the rest of the car there are small areas where the paint has chipped or rubbed away. The passenger side tail light has an inch long area on the outer edge where paint has chipped away. The metal on the car is very straight and solid with no signs of corrosion issues. Body gaps are all very straight and respectable still.

Glass And Trim
The glass throughout the car is in good shape and believed to be all original. The side windows and rear glass are all branded Securit and the front is branded VIS………..All the glass remains relatively clean and clear with no real pitting, scratching, having or delaminating to speak of. The chrome on the car is in good serviceable condition and appears original. There is some minor pitting and scratching throughout but it is very in line with the original and preserved nature of the car and could easily be used as is. There are one or tow areas of bubbling such as on the from indicator light housing and one of the rear bumperettes has a small noticeable ding in it. The windows surrounds are relatively clean, however the rubber trim pieces are cracking in some areas but are overall still fairly supple and not overly dry. All four headlights are clear and crack free as well are front indicators and rear taillight housings.

The car wears 15 x 6.5 in chrome Borrani spoked wheels on all four corners as well as the spare. All the wheels are in remarkably good condition. The chrome is bright and smooth and other than some slight hazing from sitting over a long time there appears to be no issues with them. They may need a fairly thorough inspection however before any serious driving is done on them. The wheels wear Pirelli Cinturato tires that currently hold air and are in fair shape but display sidewall cracking from age. They will undoubtedly need to be replaced before the car is exercised properly.

Notable Flaws
Given the original and unrestored nature of the vehicle there are small imperfections throughout. None of these hamper the car in the least bit but only serve to add to the patina appeal and verify the original nature of the car. The most notable issues are a small dent on the leading nose edge of the bonnet, minor paint chipping throughout, and the etching of the paint in the rear deckled area.

Seats And Surfaces
The interior of the car displays as fantastically original, even more so then the exterior. The black leather seats remain in excellent shape with the exception of a small tear in the drivers bolster and a separating seam on the seat cushion of the same seat. The rest of the seats appear that they saw very minimal usage in the cars lifetime and remain tight and free of creasing or issues. The center console is in similarly good condition with tight, smooth, clean and bright surfaces including the shifter boot which is free of degradation or creasing. The leather topped dash is tight with good seem stitching and no pulling. The dash face is also smooth and consistent and the inset gauges colorful and interesting faces are bright and easily legible. The center stack is in similar condition and all switches are in good shape with no cracking or major pitting on the surrounds. The accessory gauges at the top of the center stack sit neatly in there wood faced housing which is smooth and vibrant showing no laminating issues or cracking. Door cards are tight clean. The headliner is in good condition but could use a thorough cleaning. The carpets show some fading and wear in high traffic areas, especially in the driver side footwell but like the rest of the car are in good original condition with their Touring branded anti slip pads still present and in good condition. The Motorola Solid State radio has a bright and clean faceplate with buttons dials that are in excellent condition.

Functionality And Accessories
Due to the conditional nature of the vehicle not all functions in the interior have been tested. While all gauges are bright, clean and easily legible, its unclear if they properly display their designated readings. The headlights were tested and the switch works as it should, cycling the lights on with ease. Both window switches bring the windows up and down in stereotypical 60’s Italian manner. The fan turns on and you can here it spinning, theoretically pushing air throughout the cabin. The turn signal stalk moves between positions but does not turn on the indicators. Its plastic capped end is also covered in tape, more than likely from old weak Italian plastic having cracked. The radio powers on but does not put out any audio. The remainder of switches move through their operating range but do not appear to be working their dedicated functions. The windshield wipers also do not currently work.

Notable Flaws
The interior, once again, remains in excellent original condition throughout so flaws and patina are naturally present. The only real area of note is the small tear in the drivers bolster as well as the separating seam on the seat cushion. Overall the interior should be left exactly as is and displayed as a truly remarkable symbol of originality and preservation.

Engine Bay
The engine bay would be considered to be in slightly dirty but fair original condition. Although highly correct, it will need to be thoroughly sorted in order to bring it up to standard safe driving condition. Due to careful storage, most lines and linkages appear to be in good condition although further testing will be needed to determine how sound they really are. The painted inner fenders appear smooth and straight, free of any issues. The correct style fram air cleaners are in place and the fram branding is slits easily legible. The appropriate body tags are affixed to the fire wall in their correct locations. All clamps and cable tie downs appear to be original. The underwood fire pad is still firmly affixed and relatively clean and tidy with the Lamborghini tag still attached to the center. The hood latching mechanism also works without issue. The only real issue of note is that the painted valve covers have given into time and began to flake away revealing the metal underneath.

Trunk Area
The trunk area is perfectly inline with the condition of the rest of the car. The carpeting is slightly stained but in in excellent original looking condition. Fitment is slightly off but then again the beauty of this car is not in perfection. The panels are help in place with the appropriate thread nuts. Pulling the trunk trim out reveals factory chalk marks on the back of some of the paneling, a true testament to the original nature of this car. The metal under the carpeting is smooth and solid with not signs of any issues. The proper date coded spare Borrani wire spoked wheel is stashed neatly in its compartment with the appropriate threaded tie down in place. Removing the wheel reveals similar issue free metal underneath.

Notable Flaws
Once again, the beauty of this car lies in the originality and the imperfections that come along with that. Small issues will be found here and there but overall both the engine bay and trunk remain perfectly consistent with the rest of the car. The one major area to not is the flaking of the pain on the valve covers of the engine. This is not a big deal and often happens with age and certainly will not affect the running nature of the vehicle once a mechanical sorting has been undertaken.

Due to the conditional nature of the car thorough testing of the engine has not been undertaken. While it will start and run, It does not do so very well as surely the fuel system and other ancillary components will need to be gone through. One should enter into purchase of this vehicle fully aware that a thorough mechanical sorting will need to be undertaker before any type of road usage can occur.

Although the shining mechanism moves freely through the gears and holds the car when park on incline, thorough testing of the transmission and drivetrain as a whole has not been undertaken. It should be noted that it is suspected that the original reason for the car being parked almost 30 years ago was a bad clutch. Undoubtedly, the entirety of the driveline will have to be gone through and thoroughly sorted before usage

Brakes And Suspension
The main braking system has not been tested although we were assured that it doesn’t not work. The e-brake does not the car although we would not recommend putting too much trust in the system till it is sorted. The suspension does not appear to be sagging or creaking but we can not make any assumptions on the driving nature of it. It also should be thoroughly checked and sorted as necessary before any driving is undertaken.

All four tires and the spare currently hold air and roll well but will absolutely need to be replaced due to age and cracking.

  • Colour Exterior Red
  • Interior Colours Black
  • Drive LHD