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1996 Rolls - Royce Silver Dawn
£27,970.64 (€30,905.07)($35,000.00)
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Introduced in 1980, the Silver Spirit, was the first in new line of RR models dubbed the SZ series and would form the basis for many of their models including the Flying Spur, Silver Dawn, Touring Limousine, Park Ward, and Bentley Mulsanne/Eight series. Most commonly found as either the Silver Spirit or the long wheel base Silver Spur, these cars were powered by a 6.75L V8 engine. The Silver Dawn was introduced in 1993 as a special edition Silver Spur III and contained additional options to improve ride quality and luxury including Electronic Traction Assistance System and rear seat heaters. A total of 237 Rolls Royce Silver Dawns were produced from 1995-1998 with 150 being left hand drive and 87 being right hand drive. The Silver Dawn was replaced, only in name, by the Silver Spur in 1999.

This particular Rolls-Royce Silver Dawn, Chassis # SCAZA11C2TCX57060, is a 1996 model year, during which only 39 were produced world-wide. It is finished in a stealthy Black with matching Black interior with red piping. According to the clean CARFAX report, the car spent much of its life in California, having been sold there new. Its first owner drove the car regularly, covering just over 20,000 miles in the two years they owned it. The second owner, also from California, drove the car more sparingly covering only 7,000 miles under 14 years of ownership. It appears they maintained the car well and there is record on the car fax of regular maintenance being done by British Motor Car Distributors of San Francisco, CA. The car changed hands again in 2013 but was driven just over 1,000 miles during the 2 year ownership. The 4’th owner, again a California resident, purchased it in 2015 and covered only 200 miles during their year long ownership before the car was sold again to another California resident in 2017. As the car currently sits, it is in fantastic shape both mechanically and physically. It’s lifelong California heritage is backed up by the clean and dry nature of the exterior. This Rolls-Royce Silver Dawn needs nothing except a new owner to car for this loving maintained, rare example of Rolls-Royce exquisite craftsmanship.

Included with the car are the original books, tools, and related accessories.

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Body And Paint
Appearing original overall with a deep luster and free from major defects, straight down the sides with good factory gaps and shut lines showing everywhere. We have noticed that it appears some minor touchup paintwork has been completed on the roof in one area. Acceptable overall, and not noticeable unless you know exactly what you are looking for.

Glass And Trim
All of the glass, trim and brightwork show as wonderful originals free from any obvious blemishes or issues.

The wheels and tires are in good condition overall. Fitted with GoodYear 235/65R16's on all 4 corners date coded for what appears to be 2010. The driver front wheel is the only wheel showing curb rash.

Notable Flaws
There is a noticeable dent on the passenger side door and one other small dent, both of which would likely be removable with a PDR professional. Very few scratches and chips are present that are cause for concern but one is located on the cowl, the other on the passenger rear door as well as some scuffs to the rear bumper edge. The rear window rubber trim shows some minor cracking towards the top section. Otherwise no real flaws are obvious and overall the car present very well.

Seats And Surfaces
Everything on the interior of this example shows incredibly well and without any real flaws noted. The condition matches the mileage or better, and the interior can only be described as showing signs of use with nothing damaged or missing. All of the fascia's are still in excellent original condition with the carpets, door panels, seats, consoles and dash, as well as the headlines, in good original condition with signs of light use and care.

Functionality And Accessories
Every appears to be in correct working order, even the Air Conditioning which functions as intended. The 1990s era cellular phone powers up as well. The only item that we have been able to find out of place or not working is the passenger side rear door which for some reason is inoperable.

Notable Flaws
Passenger side rear door is in operable. Otherwise no other flaws worth noting.

Engine Bay
Tidy and matching the mileage with signs of use. Nothing missing, overly leaky, greasy or showing signs of needs or servicing. Original hoses, clamps and equipment are present throughout and overall it is an engine bay as expected from a 35,000 mile example of a well-built and special car.

Trunk Area
The trunk shows as new with clean carpeting and good fitment. Revealing the stowed tool chest, books and manuals is easily done and everything shows to be complete down to the Reflective triangle.

While we do not have service records with the vehicle we can note on the CARFAX report that regular servicing did take place. As indicated by its superb running condition we have no reason to believe the car has any needs. It starts easily, runs strong, making excellent power, quietly and smoothly at idle and full throttle. It functions as originally intended without any flaws noted.

The transmission is typical 1990's, smooth shifts, but noticeable initial gear selections but no slipping or issues noted. Operating and functioning as it should overall.

Brakes And Suspension
The brakes work very well considering the weight of the car, it stops easily without pulling to either side and shows no signs of needing service. The suspension is quiet and supple as expected from a luxury sedan. No issues are noted with either system and from road testing, all appears to be correct and in order.

Notable Flaws
There are no notable flaws that we have found via road tests and even during spirited use to test the various systems. Mechanical inspections are encouraged though we remain confident that this is an example with little to no issues to be found.

The driving experience is a two-point conversation. As a driver and as a passenger. As a driver it is a nearly effortless experience with on-demand power and permanent comfort with everything within an arms reach needed to operate the various systems. The car is very soft and supple throughout its functions but performs very well when inputs are made. As a passenger it is very quiet, comfortable and thought provoking as your in your own environment in the back seat able to think and relax while hardly noticing the forward movement towards you destination. Overall very impressive and a standard undoubtedly hard to beat in 1996.

  • Interior Colour Black
  • Drive LHD