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2017 MTT 420RR Turbine Powered Motorcycle (Brand New)
£191,080.90 ($249,000.00)(€217,087.96)
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Nostalgic Motoring Ltd. is now an exclusive, authorized dealer of these incredible Superbikes. Manufactured buy MTT in Louisiana USA, these bikes are their newest offering. The 420RR takes their original, ground breaking Y2K Superbike to the next level. It is truly the fastest production motorcycle in the world, with a top speed in excess of 250mph.

The 420RR is designed for ease of operation. It features a specially prepared Rolls Royce 250 series Turbine engine with the Smart Start™ control panel, Ohlin adjustable shock absorbers, ISR brakes and levers, BTS carbon fiber wheels, Carbon fiber body panels, Exclusive aluminum chassis and suspension, and Electronically controlled 2 speed automatic transmission.

With unmatched performance and the mind-blowing sound of a jet engine, this superbike instantly makes its owner the king of the road. Are you ready to join the most exclusive motorcycle brotherhood by owning the fastest production motorcycle on the planet?

  • Transmissions Automatic