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1971 Maserati Ghibli SS 4.9 Coupe
£159,115.58 (€190,653.41)($215,000.00)
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With production straddling the 1960s and 1970s, the Maserati Ghibli possesses the best traits of both decades. Penned by Giorgetto Giugioro while at Ghia, the design featured the subtle tight curves pioneered during his time working on Alfa Romeos. However, the silhouette foreshadowed what would become the larger trend of the 1970s in the form of his ‘folded paper’ planes of flat surfaces. Holistically the design is a classic grand tourer with its mile-long hood and short rear deck. Today, the Ghibli almost looks understated with its lack of frivolities.

The soul of any Italian automobile can be traced almost always to the motor lying underneath its hood. The Ghibli is no different. A thumping, growling quad-cam V8 engine lubricated via a dry sump system and fed into a 5-speed ZF transmission is responsible for the job of propelling this Maserati to triple-digit speeds with little hesitation. The example offered here, AM115492278, bears the distinction of being just one of 425 in SS specification. Introduced in 1969, the SS carried a stroked motor that increased the displacement up to 4.9 Liters. Breathing through four twin-choke Webber carburetors, power was increased to 330hp and made the Ghibli good for roughly 174mph. The Ghibli SS is a real performer, and its sonorous V8 at full song will most certainly satisfy any devotee of speed.

Remarkably, the example on offer before you has remained under the care of just a single owner since 1988. At that time, the vehicle was listed amongst the curated collection at MIE, the market side of the Maserati Club International who are an invaluable resource for the community in their offering of genuine parts. At a later date, the Ghibli was placed in the hands of Personalized Automotive Services of Kenosha, Wisconsin for a full restoration.

Years on, the restoration has worn the time with grace and appears as a fine representation of the breed. Finished in the ubiquitous red exterior of most sporting Italian motorcars, this Ghibli possesses only a handful of minor paint blemishes and scuffs one would expect to find after being enjoyed by its owner after a period of time. Its white leather interior is spectacularly representative of the period in which the car was produced and serves to aid the attractiveness of the overall package. The leather wears its age much in the same way as the exterior. Few signs of wear are to be found on the seats but other elements on the dash and steering column are beginning to reach maturity. Crucially, the vehicle has retained its factory air conditioning system which will drastically increase the usability of the vehicle on warm weather days. Under the hood, a recent detailing has allowed the motor to show in fine condition. All of the running gear is accounted for, albeit with some components displaying the same level of light aging found on the rest of the vehicle. The worn-in condition of this Maserati makes for an inviting, ready to use grand tourer. Alternatively, the car would be a wonderful starting point for a sympathetic and detailed mild-restoration project.

While many cars of the period put a premium on pure flash, the Maserati Ghibli stood out from the pack by offering enthusiasts a modernizing of classic principles. Its glorious quad-cam V8 is one of the automotive world’s best, and in SS trim is truly a must-have for anyone who appreciates unbridled speed. Now is a wonderful opportunity to get behind the wheel of a sought-after, and rare Italian classic.

  • Body Types Coupe
  • Exterior Colour Red
  • Engine Size 4.9
  • Drive LHD
  • MoT Expiry: Month / Year 0
  • Chassis Number # AM115492278