Car Details

This 1999 Chevrolet Corvette has a mean as midnight kind of style, and that's exactly how it wants to be seen. After all, this is a special twin-turbo Vette. And as you keep digging, you're going to see a fully-built methanol-injection motor made to create a high horsepower juggernaut. This is a factory black car, and that sets the mood right for this powerful build. Of course, they also upgraded the attitude for a full blackout style that includes the taillights and powder-coated wheels. While it does have a midnight style, no one ever took it too far with overdone fenders or a big rear wing. Instead, the paint has a factory-style appearance that lets the gloss show off the sleek C5 style. The overall finish looks good for the age and mileage of the car. It's not perfect, because this isn't the kind of car you trailer to the's the kind of coupe that has you dreaming about the Texas Mile. The touches of red in the all-black interior continue this car's aggressive style. But as mean as this looks, a Corvette also knows how to feel quite nice. The leather bucket seats power adjust to strike a nice balance between sports car snug and all-day comfortable. You've also got a removable targa top, leather-wrapped steering wheel, dual airbags, power windows, power locks, keyless entry/alarm, cruise control, power steering, and dual-zone automatic A/C climate control. And this also has the desirable head-up display. There are upgrades like LED lighting and a touchscreen infotainment system with an AM/FM/CD stereo and Bluetooth. But the most intriguing upgrade are the readouts on the A-pillar that hint at the well-upgraded performance package. The fuel-injected 5.7-liter LS1 V8 is already a legend for power and robustness, but if you look closely at this engine bay and undercarriage, you're going to notice that this is one will outpace them all. It's a twin turbocharger setup, and since the Corvette's engine bay was already packed with power, the turbos and wastegates are back by the exhaust tips. Pipes then send it back to the front for the intercooler and inject some serious power. We're also told the motor is a fully built setup with an LS6 intake and forged pistons and crank by Texas Speed. We don't have receipts on this work, but it has the fortified feeling of a fully-built supercar eater. The package also includes a DeWitt radiator, AES boost controller, and methanol injection. The four-speed automatic transmission is said to be rebuilt to handle 1,000 horsepower, and it has the firm/confident feeling to back it up. It's also said to have a reworked clutches valve body and a line lock, and a high-strength input shaft. And the Corvette's fully independent suspension, grippy ZR-rated tires, and four-wheel power disc brakes with slotted rotors are all there to give you proper control over all this power. And as much as we mention that this is a great speed machine, it's also worth noting how it has been with the same owner for 8 years, and he has only made one pass at the dragstrip (after all, we all want to open it up at least once.) So the full feeling on this one is a custom coupe that will have you thinking about big events, but it also has the finish and quality to just be a fun street-easy car to have around town, too. Complete with the owner's manual, it'll be hard to find anything this awesome at twice the price, so don't miss this monster 'Vette. Call today!!!

  • Body Types Coupe
  • Fuels Gasoline
  • Transmission 4 Speed Automatic w/ Overdrive
  • Exterior Colour Black
  • Number of Doors 2
  • Interior Colour Black
  • VIN CODE 1G1YY22G1X5110028