Chassis No. ZFFXA20A8H0073775 As legendary American satirist PJ O’Rourke piloted a borrowed Ferrari 308 GTS across America, he came to the conclusion, somewhere between Durham and Greensboro, North Carolina, that an eight-cylinder, open-topped GTS Ferrari is the culmination of all that is civilized in the world. In his famous early 80s Car and Driver article Ferrari Reinvents Manifest Destiny he wrote there is, “…no more profound feeling of control over one's destiny that I have ever experienced than to drive a Ferrari down a public road at 130 miles an hour.” As smitten as O’Rourke was with his new conveyance of choice, there were lots of reasons, many of them technical, as to why he felt this way. The Ferrari 308 and then the later 328 were the final evolutions of the mid-engine, V8 Dino engine introduced in the Dino 308 GT4 in 1973. As was Ferrari tradition at the time this “Type F105” engine used in the 328 lent its engine specs to the name of the car as a 3.2-liter, eight-cylinder engine producing 266 hp - easily enough to maintain an illegal speed his right foot needed along I-85. O’Rourke quipped that any rental car was the best handling car although the 328 would probably have given any rental a run for its money. In true Ferrari fashion, the 328’s handling matched its looks and V8 power as it grew to become an exotic sports car icon of the 1980s. Today the 328 is a modern classic, considered by many enthusiasts to be among the most usable and functional Ferraris with a road record of durability and classic Ferrari aesthetics. An oft repeated phrase among those who collect and drive vintage Ferraris is, “A Ferrari is only as good as its service history.” With that in mind, Collectors Garage is pleased to present this well documented Black over red leather 1987 Ferrari 328 GTS with an excellent service invoice history file dating back to 1988. This GTS benefits from a group of previous caretakers who not only enjoyed the car as Ferrari intended, but properly serviced it and retained the paperwork in the decades since it was sold new by Wide World of Cars, Inc. of Spring Valley, New York to Dana Heikes. According to the history file, Heikes kept the car until the late 1990s when it was sold to Charles Spiegel and then quickly to Tom Jevon of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and later Evanston, Illinois. Well known in the Pittsburgh vintage racing circles, Tom Jevon’s father, Dick Jevon, was a founding member of the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix. The younger Jevon acted as the long-term caretaker of this Ferrari, enjoying and maintaining it just short of two decades and over 10,000 mi. While under Jevon’s ownership the GTS was most recently serviced at BTR-Chicago and received a “major engine and timing service” in 2018 before selling his prized possession in 2019. In early 2021, this GTS was the subject of a thorough technical inspection. The inspection notes that a timing belt service was performed on 17 September 2021, that the car “performed flawlessly” during a road test and that, “all electric and mechanical functions are in good order.” With just over 38,000 mi, many original pieces, including a jack, leather slip cover for targa roof, front trunk mounted spare, and a fantastic color combination, this 328 GTS is a superb example of the type of car that is enhanced with a documented chain of ownership, a thorough history file, and recent servicing. After ruminating on the state of Western civilization and America, O’Rourke summarized his cross-country Ferrari drive thusly, “what have we been getting civilized for, all these centuries?... Why, for this!”

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