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1972 Ford Custom

Price On Request
Bid on this and many other movie cars and museum props April 14 - 21 during our on-line, no reserve auction that will be held at We simply have more items than space to display them. Our loss is your...
  • 23807 Km
  • Year Built 1972
  • 351 Engine

1998 Chevrolet Camaro

£21,480.20 (€25,029.37)($25,998.00)
6,145 actual miles. It's like a new 1998 Camaro! I don't need to tell you it's a red with white interior and the top goes down. It has a clean Carfax and lived in Georgia all of it's life the same location EXTERIOR: It's a...
  • Year Built 1998
  • 3 Engine

1993 Chevrolet Camaro Z-28 Pace Car

£24,785.10 (€28,880.34)($29,998.00)
This Beautiful Nostalgic 1993 Camaro Z28 is one of only 645 pace car editions built to commemorate the nameplates pacing of the 77th Indy 500. This 7,202 low mile example has been well kept and it shows with the extreme...
  • Year Built 1993
  • 5 Engine

1966 Chevrolet Bel Air

£26,437.55 (€30,805.83)($31,998.00)
38,880 actual mile survivor! Only 2 owners, both elderly. It lived in North Carolina most of it's life. The 2nd owner installed the cold a/c, dual exhaust and a retro stereo! EXTERIOR: All original uncut, rust free, damage...
  • 38000 Km
  • Year Built 1966
  • 283 Engine

1992 Pontiac Trans Am

£26,437.55 (€30,805.83)($31,998.00)
1 of 663 Convertibles produced; this under-appreciated Survivor quickly turned into a hot collectible car. These are becoming harder and harder to find, especially with such few miles and great condition. Only 6,000 miles on...
  • Year Built 1992
  • 5 Engine

2013 Chevrolet Camaro 2SS

£27,263.77 (€31,768.57)($32,998.00)
Easily identified as one of America’s favorite muscle cars, the 5 Generation redesign Camaro has lots of ties and retro looks to the classic Camaro, just with more modern upgrades and appearance. This 2SS model has...
  • Year Built 2013
  • 6 Engine

1970 Chevrolet Impala

£28,916.22 (€33,694.05)($34,998.00)
1 family, 2 owner car with only 45,965 actual miles! It's a sweetheart, runs and rides so smooth. It has been very well preserved and restored as needed. EXTERIOR: Beautiful factory Astro blue with a white vinyl top. It is...
  • Year Built 1970
  • 350 Engine

1999 Plymouth Prowler

£31,394.90 (€36,582.28)($37,998.00)
12,570 actual miles! Only 3 owner's, squeaky clean Carfax. It lived in North Carolina it's whole life. EXTERIOR: It looks great in Prowler black with the optional chromed wheels. The body is excellent, no damage. The paint...
  • Year Built 1999
  • 3 Engine

1946 Ford Custom

£31,394.90 (€36,582.28)($37,998.00)
Here is a Hot rod with extensive custom work. Very comfortable cruiser. It's roomy and has the luxury of power, brakes, windows and air conditioning. EXTERIOR: It's an older restoration that has held up really well. The...
  • Year Built 1946
  • 302 Engine

2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS

£38,004.70 (€44,284.22)($45,998.00)
Only 5,300 actual miles! This car is Sharp! This is the owner’s pride and joy and it shows in the quality of the paint, performance upgrades and overall condition. From the sleek but subtle Blue True Fire air brush paint,...
  • Year Built 2010
  • 6 Engine

2018 Chevrolet Camaro SS

£39,657.15 (€46,209.70)($47,998.00)
Hop into this practically new hot summer ride! This Camaro will have you receiving compliments wherever you go. This came from a small collection and was acquired from the original owner. It was a weekend car for his wife...
  • Year Built 2018
  • 6 Engine

1940 Ford Deluxe

£41,309.60 (€48,135.18)($49,998.00)
Good looking example of a real 1940 Ford Deluxe convertible. Solid car from down south. EXTERIOR: Clean steel body. It is an older paint job and there are no problem areas showing- no bubbles or damage. The paint shows very...
  • Year Built 1940

2008 Ford Mustang P-51 Roush

£41,309.60 (€48,135.18)($49,998.00)
Only 4600 miles. #31 of 151 made! The P-51 isn't just a few emblems and parts slapped on. It was a new Mustang delivered to Roush Performance where the car was taken down to its unibody and rebuilt by hand with a long list...
  • 4600 Km
  • Year Built 2008
  • 4 Engine

1955 Ford Crown Victoria

£42,962.05 (€50,060.67)($51,998.00)
Loaded with accessories and appeal. The Crown Victoria is loaded with trim including the basket handle trim on the roof. This one goes beyond with the outstanding colors, wire wheels that sparkle, a continental kit and dual...
  • 63838 Km
  • Year Built 1955
  • 272 Engine

1972 Chevrolet Camaro

£43,788.27 (€51,023.41)($52,998.00)
Here is a unique spin on a custom Camaro. Instead of giving it modern cosmetic features, how about some vintage touches to make it a one of a kind. It has a 1940 modified dash, steering wheel and wheels. Only 456 miles on a...
  • Year Built 1972
  • 350 Engine

1957 Chevrolet 150

£47,093.18 (€54,874.38)($56,998.00)
Rare 1211B utility sedan or "salesman special ". Stripped down, lightweight no frills car, not even a back seat! With factory dual quads, overdrive manual 3-speed and a 3.70 you have yourself a muscle car. Perfect for...
  • Year Built 1957
  • 350 Engine

1957 Chevrolet Bel Air

£49,571.85 (€57,762.61)($59,998.00)
This is a beautiful looking 57, the colors pop! Real Bel Air upgraded with a 4-speed, a tri-power and power disc brakes! EXTERIOR: I think the color really stands out. Bright, cheery, very 1950s! Recently restored. The body...
  • Year Built 1957
  • 283 Engine

1967 Chevrolet Camaro RS Pro Street

£52,876.75 (€61,613.58)($63,998.00)
Need some excitement? This sexy red machine will pull the wrinkles out of your face and put a smile on it at the same time! Body off frame restored. 986/1,000 points at 2012 Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals. Gold award 2...
  • Year Built 1967
  • 355 Engine

1964 Chevrolet C10 Deluxe

£56,181.65 (€65,464.54)($67,998.00)
Loaded! Back in the day trucks were work horses, most were 6 cylinders with manual transmissions. Usually no frills, no comfort features, no pizazz. This deluxe C-10 has it all. A 283 V-8 with an automatic is rare, power...
  • Year Built 1964
  • 283 Engine

1969 Dodge Super Bee

£57,834.10 (€67,390.03)($69,998.00)
This is a real Super Bee, factory 4-speed car. Restored as an A12. The 383 was upgraded with a performance built 440 6-pack. EXTERIOR: The body and paint restoration goes back several years. The body is excellent. It is...
  • Year Built 1969
  • 496 Engine

1969 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 Replica

£82,620.85 (€96,272.30)($99,998.00)
Body off frame restored to factory ZL-1 specs. It even has an all aluminum 427 from GM Performance. The ZL-1 legend: Only 69 special ordered ZL-1s were produced from the factory. Considered to be one of the most desirable...
  • Year Built 1969
  • 427 Engine

2018 Mercedes - Benz E63 S AMG

£120,627.20 (€140,558.44)($145,998.00)
Arguably one of the best vehicles to date brought into the AMG line by Mercedes-Benz. The revamped 2018 E63 S brought in a whole new style and performance package. The edition 1 was offered to the U.S. only and there were...
  • 970 Km
  • Year Built 2018
  • 4 Engine

1967 Ford Mustang Shelby Pro Touring

£129,715.68 (€151,148.60)($156,998.00)
Sema show car. Only 2,320 miles since a no expense spared Pro Touring build. A Mustang collector in conjunction with SVP Unlimited and built this beautiful, yet menacing Shelby tribute. Known as Project...
  • Year Built 1967
  • 4 Engine