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1937 Rolls - Royce 25/30 Sedanca de...

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The car has been in long term ownership and during that time has benefited from numerous works to keep the car in tip top condition. Only three owners are known. The car starts instantly and runs silently. All large tools are in their appointed...
  • 41530 Km
  • Year Built 1937

1991 BMW 3 Series Touring 325iX

£12,830.09 (€14,950.00)($15,528.56)
Fantastically beautiful 325iX. The car was brought to the Netherlands from Germany in 2011 with a guaranteed mileage, it is completely original, only the Eisenmann exhaust is extra. This makes it sound just a bit better.
  • 269080 Km
  • Year Built 1991

1988 Alfa Romeo Spider

£13,688.28 (€15,950.00)($16,567.26)
When we talk about emotion, we are talking about Alfa Romeo. Or was it the other way around? We have found a very nice example, beautiful paint, beautiful interior and of course the lovely 2.0 liter double cam. No matter how great it sounds, it hangs nicely on the gas, you can hear the double carburettors sucking in wonderfully and the exhaust gives a deep hum.
  • Year Built 1988

1989 Lancia Thema 8.32

£14,546.48 (€16,950.00)($17,605.96)
This Lancia Thema 8.32 from 1989 is 1 of the first series, with the classic headlights and the slightly more powerful engine. It is a special example, because originally Dutch and in super condition, it has always been maintained by Lancia Amsterdam. The 2 previous owners have made good kilometers with it, but have also been very careful with the car.
  • Year Built 1989

1978 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow Type...

£16,734.89 (€19,500.00)($20,254.64)
Primrose Yellow, that is the color we have to think of with this beautiful Rolls Royce.
  • Year Built 1978

1978 Volkswagen Transporter T2

£19,309.49 (€22,500.00)($23,370.74)
Original Westfalia camper , with very little wear and mileage ! History fully known , NL car.
  • Year Built 1978

1985 Ford Fleur de Lys Newark

£23,600.49 (€27,500.00)($28,564.24)
Extremely exclusive camper with modern technology. We have already experienced a lot in our life in terms of separate cars, but when we found this Fleur de Lys we were completely sold. Fleur de Lys is an English brand that around 1983 had the idea to build new cars that looked like they were from the 1920s.
  • 55274 Km
  • Year Built 1985

1976 Bugatti T35A Replica 1300

£25,316.89 (€29,500.00)($30,641.64)
Fantastically beautiful Bugatti T35A replica. You have replicas of all shapes and classes. But this owner has gone to the extreme of what is possible on the basis of a VW Beetle. Basically, it is a VW with a 1300 engine, everything in perfect condition. A Ruska replica package was put on it with all options that were possible and then the owner made it even more detailed.
  • Year Built 1976

1981 Mercedes-Benz SL Class 380 SLC

£25,703.08 (€29,950.00)($31,109.05)
What a beautiful car this is! And of course in the best color for a Mercedes. Silberpfeile silver. No expense has been spared to get it in this condition. The car was completely stripped and repainted in the original colour. The paint was weathered, but the car had no welding and is rock hard. This car seems to have belonged to the boxer Mohammed Ali and comes from California.
  • Year Built 1981

1948 Lea Francis Westland

£27,891.49 (€32,500.00)($33,757.74)
What a beautiful car this is, with the lines of much more expensive cars and this one is also more exclusive. Because it is the only one with a Westland body on it that is still on the road. There is 1 more and it does not drive. The engine is just as special, because it is the engine that was used for a Formula 1 car at that time.
  • Year Built 1948

1974 Volkswagen Kharmann Ghia Coupe

£32,182.49 (€37,500.00)($38,951.24)
This Karmann Ghia is very special. The builder has pulled everything to the limit, used the most expensive brand parts and spared no expense. A total of 60,000 euros spent on the car. We have put the car on a Dutch registration, historic blue plates are on it.
  • Year Built 1974

1959 Rolls-Royce Cloud 1 Sedan

£32,568.68 (€37,950.00)($39,418.65)
Special Cloud 1 from 1959, because it has it all, left-hand drive, power steering and air conditioning. And that is rare because everything works. Furthermore, beautiful color combination, very distinguished. The interior is neat, leather completely intact, woodwork neat. This is currently really a driver's car, that's how we use it, it is driven almost daily.
  • Year Built 1959

1937 Studebaker President

£36,473.49 (€42,500.00)($44,144.74)
Very rare Studebaker President. This Studebaker President has been in the Netherlands since 1956, one of the few who has driven in our country. The first owner from Enschede had himself driven by a driver for 20 years.
  • 32 Km
  • Year Built 1937

2001 Bentley Arnage 6.8 V8 R

£36,859.68 (€42,950.00)($44,612.15)
What a beautiful color, what a beautiful color combination with the interior and what a powerful car this is. Only 153 copies were made of the Le Mans version, where the basis is a Red label Arnage.
  • Year Built 2001

1955 Bentley R-Type

£38,618.99 (€45,000.00)($46,741.48)
The appearance of this Bentley is wonderfully pre-war, the lamps are only just incorporated in the fender instead of loose. The car is in very nice condition from the outside, inside completely original with patina.
  • 76239 Km
  • Year Built 1955

1991 Porsche 911 (964) Cabriolet 3.6

£42,480.88 (€49,500.00)($51,415.63)
The air-cooled ones have the most beautiful sound. Most emotion, closest to the original. But still so much improved. The 964 is a nice mix in that regard. Nice driving, luxuriously executed, but still nice the old looks and feel.
  • Year Built 1991

2003 Aston Martin DB7 5.9 V12 Vantage

£42,867.07 (€49,950.00)($51,883.05)
The longer you look at this car, the more beautiful it becomes. What a beautiful car, after less than 15 years already a classic beauty. Most desirable in this version, V12 with a manual gearbox. And that is rare, the enthusiast knows.
  • 80150 Km
  • Year Built 2003

1974 Rolls-Royce Corniche Saloon

£45,055.48 (€52,500.00)($54,531.73)
This left-hand drive Corniche is a true gentlemens sports car, and also a very rare one in this color scheme. We drove extensively with the car where we can only say how nice the car drives.
  • 147591 Km
  • Year Built 1974

2006 Porsche 911 Cabrio 3.6 Carrera

£45,441.67 (€52,950.00)($54,999.15)
Extremely fine Porsche 997 convertible. Sometimes cars pass by where everything is just right. Here again have a beautiful copy. The ultimate convertible: the Porsche 911.
  • 92281 Km
  • Year Built 2006

1969 Chevrolet USA Corvette...

£46,771.88 (€54,500.00)($56,609.13)
First, the facts: 1969 Corvette Convertible, 427 cid - 6995 CC / 390 HP, matching numbers, 4-speed manual short shifter, Fathom Green, new black interior, new white soft-top, power brakes, power steering, adjustable steering column, aluminium radiator with extra electric fan, air conditioning.
  • Year Built 1969

1935 Rolls - Royce 20/25 Hooper

£51,062.88 (€59,500.00)($61,802.63)
It's absolutely a wonderfull car, very authentic.The car is in good, original condition. body has just been restored and repainted. This 20/25 With Hooper Saloon Body is a very well succeeded disign. With the lowered windows a slim appearance.
  • 1000 Km
  • Year Built 1935

1993 Ferrari 348 TS

£72,946.97 (€85,000.00)($88,289.47)
From 1 of our valued customers we have the most beautiful Ferrari 348 in the Netherlands for sale. The car is completely original, with full (100%!) Maintenance history from 1994 until now at Kroymans.
  • 149668 Km
  • Year Built 1993

1977 Ferrari 400 GT 2+2 Coupé

£81,528.97 (€95,000.00)($98,676.47)
This Ferrari 400 GT is a jewel, the real V12 with 6 carburetors, along with the classic Ferrari carriage a very desirable car.
  • 47500 Km
  • Year Built 1977

1999 Bentley Continental 6.8 T

£102,554.86 (€119,500.00)($124,124.61)
This Bentley Arnage in Meteor blue was the demonstration car for Bentley and has seen the whole of Europe and has even been on Pebble Beach. Extensive history from the factory is with the car (birth certificate).
  • Year Built 1999