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1957 Ford 2-door Courier Wagon

Price On Request
This vehicle has been confirmed as one of the few 1957 Ford Courier wagons originally built with the E-Code 312 cubic inch V8 engine. It has a beautiful red/white color scheme, reclining front seat and a Town and Country radio and is most likely one of the finest Courier Wagons available today.
  • Year Built 1957

1932 Chevy Street Rod

Price On Request
Having finally outsold Ford in 1931, Chevy needed something pretty impressive to keep that lead for 1932. So, they came up with sleeker lines, replaced the 22 vertical louvers with 4 “ports” (wide chrome louvers on each side) and a sleek new grille.
  • Year Built 1932

1976 Chevrolet Laguna

Price On Request
This baby is the pride and joy of our collection. Chevy went the extra mile with its 1976 Laguna, featuring a slant back nose, front swivel bucket seats and the distinctive wide stripe running from nose to tail.
  • Year Built 1976

1936 Hudson Terraplane - (Project...

£7,648.03 (€8,434.55)($10,000.00)
The Hudson name was made popular once again with the release of a well-known car movie a few years back. Hudson was an innovator in producing closed models to keep the weather/elements out. And, living in South Dakota, this innovation is greatly appreciated during our cold winter months!
  • Year Built 1936

1968 Chevrolet Chevelle SS -396

£27,456.41 (€30,280.03)($35,900.00)
The epitome of the 60s muscle cars, which is the type of car I LOVE, the 1968 Chevelle grabs attention wherever it goes. The glossy black paint, sharp chrome accents, and 4-speed manual transmission make this car a driver’s dream.
  • Year Built 1968

2011 Chevrolet Caprice PPV - Police...

£32,121.71 (€35,425.10)($42,000.00)
Produced as the car for police forces across the US, we are fortunate to have one in our collection...
  • Year Built 2011

1957 Ford Rag-Top Convertible

£47,226.56 (€52,083.34)($61,750.00)
The Ford Fairlane Convertible is a real head-turner with its classic red/white color scheme, original fender skirts and factory continental kit. This car has been used for weddings and birthday celebrations.
  • Year Built 1957

1932 Chevrolet Landau Phaeton...

£50,400.49 (€55,583.68)($65,900.00)
Maintaining the sleek redesign of 1931, the 1932 Chevy Phaeton added refinements to its look. It replaced the original 22 vertical louvers per side with just four wider chrome ports, new radiator grille and disappearing window support when windows are rolled down.
  • Year Built 1932