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1932 Alvis 20 SE

Price On Request
“The new Alvis Speed Twenty is the type of car which looks right, feels right and is right. From the driver’s point of view, the controls are all just where they are required and the power, speed and acceleration...
  • Year Built 1932

1932 Alvis TJ 12/50 Ducks Back

Price On Request
The 12/50 was withdrawn between 1929 and 1930 when the company decided that the future lay with the front-wheel drive FD and FE models, but when these did not reach the hoped for volumes a final version of the 12/50...
  • Year Built 1932

1946 Alvis TA14 Pennock Cabrio RHD

Price On Request
VERY nice, good running, VERY rare, 1946 ALVIS TA14 Pennock Cabrio. Probably only 1 made like this. It has a 4 cil. 1892 CC engine. Only 98 Cabrio TA14''s ever made. Comes with Dutch registration and a lot of history....
  • Year Built 1946

1952 Alvis Leonidas aircraft engine...

Price On Request
A technical wonder, this Alvis Leonidas 9 cil. aircraft engine. Used in 1940-1965, British made and very nice. Biggest choice in REAL Classic Cars in "the Stolze Collection" , with more than 450 in stock.! from a...
  • Year Built 1952

1952 Alvis Leonidas aircraft engine

Price On Request
A complete 9 cil. Alvis Leonidas aircraft engine. I was told that 4 of these engines were used on an English Sebring airoplane. We have a few of these wonderful technical wonders. several memorabilia from the 20th century...
  • Year Built 1952

1948 Alvis TA14 DHC RHD

£12,346.83 (€13,650.00)($15,103.72)
Again a very special RHD Alvis in the collection. Only 98 where produced between 1946 and 1950. It''s totaly original and complete even some of the original tools are still with it. Body is very solid NO rust. Biggest...
  • Year Built 1948

1952 Alvis Convertible

£17,412.20 (€19,250.00)($21,300.11)
Nice Alvis Convertible from 1952. Good running car, but with the wrong engine (a Chevy engine in it ) BUT i did buy an Original Alvis engine + gearbox for it now (is only for sale with this car). The car has a nice shape...
  • Year Built 1952

1960 Alvis TD 21 convertible RHD

£17,638.33 (€19,500.00)($21,576.74)
Very rare 1960 RHD Alvis TD21 convertible, Graber design. Only 192 made of this beauty. It needs a serious restoration but is very complete with the original 3.0 ltr engine in good condition. The chassis is done already. All...
  • Year Built 1960

1961 Alvis TD 21

£17,909.69 (€19,800.00)($21,908.69)
This Alvis TD 21 is a luxurious coupé-style car. It has been restored over the past few years and is in good to very good condition except for a small damage on the back seat.
  • Year Built 1961

1952 Alvis TC 21 convertible RHD

£19,854.43 (€21,950.00)($24,287.66)
An Alvis TA 21 convertible to restore. All complete and Original. It is a very, very interesting project.With dutch registration card. Biggest choice in REAL Classic Cars in "the Stolze Collection" with more than...
  • Year Built 1952

1922 Alvis 11/40 Tourer

£39,995.00 (€44,216.35)($48,925.36)
In the early 1950s DB3364 was restored by Sutcliffe of Macclesfield and has not undergone any further restoration work since; a testament to the restorer and its owner.
  • Year Built 1922

1937 Alvis Speed 25 Special Crested...

£52,010.45 (€57,500.00)($63,623.71)
Restoration project - Alvis Speed 25 Special restoration project. Alvis agents Hinton and Brinton Ltd of Cardiff, Wales took possession on the 2nd June 1937. The car on offer is a Special using a Speed 25 underbody and a 2.5 litre Crested Eagle 19.82 Alvis (Speed 20) compressor engine. .
  • 64085 Km
  • Year Built 1937

1933 Alvis 12/70 Open Tourer Special

£81,362.44 (€89,950.00)($99,529.61)
An especially fine 1933 Alvis 12/70 Open Tourer Special on offer. Bought in 1990 by no one other than the famous historian and car journalist, Jacques Potherat. At the time of purchase the car underwent a fully new rebuild. The French Ruphil Garage...
  • 11111 Km
  • Year Built 1933

1937 Alvis Speed 25

£226,132.40 (€250,000.00)($276,624.83)
This 4.3 liter engine range was among the most expensive in terms of quality, sporty character and extras and was known in the UK as "top of the range". In 1937, only 200 vehicles were built.
  • Year Built 1937

1936 Alvis Barson Special Straight...

£298,494.77 (€330,000.00)($365,144.77)
Only 2 of these experimental engines were ever made and this is the only running one left!! With a top of over 193 km/hr it was a seriously fast car for its day! Mr. A Kemp, an Alvis engineer, developed the engine in 1934; it had a so-called cluster...
  • 35692 Km
  • Year Built 1936