Classic and Vintage Car Buying: A Rough Guide For Your Road To Success

When buying a classic or vintage car, whether it's your first or you have bought others before, there are always several important aspects to consider before making that purchase. Here we look at some of the important areas you must not overlook together with a few tips to make the process as smooth and painless as possible.

Research, research and more research – this is key! Before buying the car make sure you have researched all you need to know on the vehicle and fully done your homework, possibly even find and join an owners club if you have a specific model in mind.

Research all of the upkeep costs and the retail value of the car you have in mind, and check what insurance costs are going to be for your new pride and joy

When buying the car, especially if it is your first, follow your passion and buy a car that you care about. Don't only think about the value and how much it might appreciate in the coming years.

Before making that purchase check that you have the right garage size or suitable storage for the vehicle in mind, especially if you plan to do work on the car yourself.

A full car inspection is an obvious tip but it is a very good idea to get this done by a professional car inspector, they may find things that you might otherwise have missed. Always check the exterior in natural daylight and pay particular attention for any areas of rust, especially underneath the vehicle.

Check the vehicle's identification number (VIN) which is usually stamped on the engine and ensure that the number matches with the other places on the car that have the VIN. If numbers don't match then it could mean the engine is certainly not original.

The interior is also important, so buying a car that has all or certainly most of its original interior will be a great asset in terms of value.

Finding a mechanic that can do professional work on the car you plan to buy is also a very good idea, and always take the car for a test drive if it is both safe and legal to do so at the time.

The credentials of the seller are also important, so make sure that they do have the car registered to them before you buy it and never rush into payments. Take time to check that everything is above board, especially if making any online payments, and try to avoid any financial scams.

If you are looking for a car that will increase greatly in value then research the production numbers. Low numbers will yield higher value investments.

Finally, before making that purchase, decide exactly how you are planning to use the car and set yourself a budget that will reflect this, don't overspend on something that will be a constant drain on your finances.

So as you can see, there is a lot to consider before making that classic or vintage car purchase. However, there are many reputable companies out there that can assist you in this quest. We can recommend a number of them here that will give you expert buying advice.

Talacrest are the number one in the classic Ferrari market, having sold in excess of 1700 Ferrari. If you are serious about buying a classic Ferrari then they are certainly the people to contact. Speak to John Collins if you can by calling +44 (0) 1344 308178 or check their website for more information

For an Aston Martin, then the Runnymede Motor Company are your best bet on +44 (0) 1753 644599, with Martin Brewer the man to speak to. Further details can be found on their website at

If it's a Rolls-Royce or Bentley you are looking for then head over to Garage de Vaal and try to have a word with Han de Vaal. They are located in the Netherlands but offer excellent service, so check out their website at

A couple of dealers specialising in a wide range of vehicles are Classic Mobilia at (Keith Riddington) and the Classic Car Shop at (Martin Daly).

If you are looking solely for an assessment of a vehicle then look no further than Classic Assessments, a historic vehicle inspector and assessor. They can cover any UK location and almost everywhere worldwide and will assess and value Vintage, Classic and Thoroughbred vehicles. With a vast level of experience, they can assist with many makes and models and provide classic car inspections, pre-purchase inspections, classic car valuations, witness reports, accident assessments, restoration management and vehicle valuations. More information can be found at (Brian Page is the man to contact if possible).

So there you have it, a rough guide to buying that classic or vintage car and a few very useful contacts to help you along the way – enjoy the ride!

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